Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Up in the air...

Shirt: hahaha just kidding.  They're just dance clothes...

This sucks.

I miss dance already, and I need a dance class stats-o-meter.  

Graduating is for the birds you guys.

Alvin Ailey, will you put me on your company?


  1. Ugh! I feel your pain. At least you are still in UT where there are lots of opportunities to take class. Out here in South Bend there's just about zero dance. It bites!

  2. oh my gorgeous! my sister Sophie and i are always trying to get beautiful dance shots but we usually end up catching the landing which is, needless to say, incredibly awkward!!! not to mention the super wierd faces i make when i jump... not. cute. you are to die for girl!!! more dance pics PLEASE!!!!! ;)


  3. This is the coolest picture! I feel ya too. My hips had lots of problems and then I had to have some surgeries, so I have been out of dance for a few years now. :( It's like a part of me is missing!