Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's and Issue. . .

 Skirt: J.Crew, Pink Shirt: J.Crew, Blouse: Thrifted, Jewelry: Borrowed from Sis, Shoes: Steve Madden 

Starting on September 4th, I will be a full time dance teacher sporting the spandex all the days long.

What I'm wondering is. . . why anyone would want to see photographs of my tight-wide buttocks in the black stretchys.

So. . . I'm trying to figure out how to maintain a blog that includes fashion while wearing dance clothes.

Should I contact Sports Illustrated and see if I can become their sports woman?

aaaaaand right after I wrote that, my inside self said, "uh Meg, that Mag is NOT for the dancer."

Give me some time, and I'll figure out a way to keep bringin' the Pinker Side.                                    

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Where will America be in 2016?

Now, I have a small measure of knowledge about politics.

I was never really interested in them until recently. . . until I became and adult, I guess.

Last night, my Fa-ja and I went to the new Obama movie, "2016: Obama's America."

It was absolutely fascinating, and I felt like it was really well done.

Even my dad, who is a proficient in politics found himself in awe of the movie as he was making new discoveries about our current president.

I would encourage ALL to go and see it.

Below is the trailer.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I will miss. . .

Over my summer in the nations capital, there are a few things that I am really going to miss, and some things I not really going to miss.

Let's start with the things I won't miss:

  1. The humid heat
  2. Not having a car--but seriously, it was real crick in my neck.
  3. Street people.  What are those, you ask?  Those are people who are on the streets trying to talk slash convince you to donate to a cause i.e. help international, pro-abortion charities, pro-gay charities, "Try this new Hummus!" people.  They drive me nuts.  
  4. Expensive.  Things are just more expensive here ya know?
  5. The inefficient subway system.  New York's subway system is way better, and DC's wouldn't let me eat on it.  Not okay.
  6. That's all.
What I will miss desperately:

  1. Sammy Dodini: You made my summer, sir.  Those summer nights were full of such good bread pudding and shake shack burgers.
  2. Working at a flagship J.Crew store in historical Georgetown.  We had a bouncer and earthing.
  3. The people I worked with at the National Dance Education Organization.  They were so fun.
  4. Shopping. Shopping. Shopping.
  5. Good food. Good food. Good food.
  6. The city night life.  There is always something fun to do and someone to do it with.  AKA Sam and I going to Dupont Circle and watching Three black men break dance whilst they also cradle a new born baby.
  7. Black people.  This is not meant to sound racist.  I literally love African Americans.
  8. Jim Gaffigan and Flula.  If you don't know who these people are, look them up on youtube.
  9. The fact that New York is only a short bus trip away.
  10. Homeless people begging for money. . . okay not really, but seriously sometimes it really broke my heart.
  11. The fast pace-"ness" of it all.  I hated it at first because I'm a country girl, but I really grew to love it.
  12. The fact that there was a Whole Foods and a Trader Joes a walking distance from my apartment.
  13. My roomies!  I didn't see them much, but when I did, it was a freaking blast.
  14. The Olympics.  OH ya. . . that wasn't exclusive to D.C. but they will be missed, nonetheless.
  15. Screen on the Green, which are outdoor movies on the National Mall.
  16. Green Everywhere!!!!  The east coast is flourishing with a canopy of green trees everywhere, and it's gorgeous.
  17. My friend, Lauren Richey.  We have been friends since we met in Jerusalem in 2008, and I won't get to see her beautiful face anymore.
  18. The history that D.C. presents.  It is so rich with history.
  19. Eastern Market.  That place has the best da%$ pancakes I have ever eaten. Yep.
  20. Standing mine and Sam's "spot" on the Subway everyday.  Trust, it was the same spot every time.
  21. If I think of anything else, I will be sure to add it.  I'll be seeing you D.C. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scalp on the Subway???

I got on the Metro the other day and happen to see this scalp sitting on the railing.

How Peculiar, I thought.  Why would someone just leave their hair on the Met-a-ro?

So I hand this over to you, viewers.

Give this picture a caption.  

The caption could refer to any given situation i.e. a runaway, the hair speaking, the unseen man on the right speaking, etc. 

Whatever you want!!!

Whoever has the best caption over the next week will get a special surprise prize.

Hint: it involves clothing. . . OH MY!

Leave the caption for this odd picture through commenting on the bottom.

and remember. . . have fun with it.

I'm excited to see what you come up with.

Oh, and the judges will be: ME, My Mom, and my 12 year old Nephew Seth who has an incredibly witty sense of humor.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My life is like Bambi's

 Uh. . . . gross face. did HE sneak his way in here.  This is my friend Nick, who lives in NYC.  He's a SAKS model. . . 

Blouse: J.Crew, Skirt: J.Crew, Necklaces: J.Crew and Anthro, Shoes: Steve Madden, Purse: Marshalls,  Lips: Fuchsia Fusion by Revlon.

As much as I tried, I am not gracing New York just yet.  

It's like, what nanny wanting family wouldn't want a non smoking, non drinking, and non sex-er caring for their child?

The big apple is going to have to wait for me to live there 1 more year.

It kinda breaks my heart.  New York is kinda rad.

While I was there, I saw 5 (yep) Broadway shows.

Wicked, Mary Poppins, Jersey Boys (too much swearing in moi opinion), Evita (love), and Phantom of the Opera.

While I was watching Project Runway this morning, I thought to myself, why the crud did I not go to Mood?  

That was seriously messed up on my part.

Even if you don't know the difference between a bobbin and bippety bobbity boo, you should go to MOOD if you are in New York and a Project Runway fan.

So where am I going instead of NYC?

Tune in tomorrow to find out.

It's about as exciting as watching Bambi realize his doe mother died. 

Uhhhh. . . . Morbid.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eating my Feelings

Top: Target, Skirt: J.Crew, Shoes: DSW, Necklaces: J.Crew, Eastern Market

This week has been one of those weeks.

I've been eating my feelings all week I feel like.

My feelings need a break and so do my clothes . . . 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Jenner. The Bourne Legacy.

 Blouse: Anthropologie, Skirt: Anthropologie, Belt: J.Crew, Shoes: Steve Madden,  Purse: Marshalls, Necklace: J.Crew

This was the day that I saw the man who I am going to have my children with.

and no, it's not the boy in the last picture. 

People.  I saw Jeremy Renner.

I went to the Bourne Legacy premiere and I saw him.

I saw Jenner.  My Jenner Bear.

I just hope he received my air kiss and heard me say that I wanted to have his children, because ever since I saw him in Ghost Protocol, I knew was a special kind of man.  Because not many people will put on a metal suit and jump into a blind abyss of twirly-ness.  Even if it is just for a movie.

Did you follow all that?

And plus, I even did my hair for him.