Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My life is like Bambi's

 Uh. . . . gross face.

um...how did HE sneak his way in here.  This is my friend Nick, who lives in NYC.  He's a SAKS model. . . 

Blouse: J.Crew, Skirt: J.Crew, Necklaces: J.Crew and Anthro, Shoes: Steve Madden, Purse: Marshalls,  Lips: Fuchsia Fusion by Revlon.

As much as I tried, I am not gracing New York just yet.  

It's like, what nanny wanting family wouldn't want a non smoking, non drinking, and non sex-er caring for their child?

The big apple is going to have to wait for me to live there 1 more year.

It kinda breaks my heart.  New York is kinda rad.

While I was there, I saw 5 (yep) Broadway shows.

Wicked, Mary Poppins, Jersey Boys (too much swearing in moi opinion), Evita (love), and Phantom of the Opera.

While I was watching Project Runway this morning, I thought to myself, why the crud did I not go to Mood?  

That was seriously messed up on my part.

Even if you don't know the difference between a bobbin and bippety bobbity boo, you should go to MOOD if you are in New York and a Project Runway fan.

So where am I going instead of NYC?

Tune in tomorrow to find out.

It's about as exciting as watching Bambi realize his doe mother died. 

Uhhhh. . . . Morbid.


  1. Love all the colors in your outfit! Darling.

  2. I wish it was pinker on my side! You look fab!

  3. i miss the city so much! and five shows?! 5!? i am green with envy!!
    i'm lucky if i can squeeze in one while we are there. i might have to plan a trip specifically for shows.
    on a different note, i'm really loving the apple pattern j.crew skirt from the post below!