Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scalp on the Subway???

I got on the Metro the other day and happen to see this scalp sitting on the railing.

How Peculiar, I thought.  Why would someone just leave their hair on the Met-a-ro?

So I hand this over to you, viewers.

Give this picture a caption.  

The caption could refer to any given situation i.e. a runaway, the hair speaking, the unseen man on the right speaking, etc. 

Whatever you want!!!

Whoever has the best caption over the next week will get a special surprise prize.

Hint: it involves clothing. . . OH MY!

Leave the caption for this odd picture through commenting on the bottom.

and remember. . . have fun with it.

I'm excited to see what you come up with.

Oh, and the judges will be: ME, My Mom, and my 12 year old Nephew Seth who has an incredibly witty sense of humor.


  1. "Yo, what you lookin' at? I just shaved my armpits and wiped the razor on the bar. You wanna fight about it?"

  2. I think Gene Simmons is bald/naked somewhere...

  3. Man in the black shoes... "Sure it matches my shoes, but what TOP can I wear with it?"....

    Also... The chick from "The Grudge" must be lost on the subway...

  4. This is from David J. a caption: "I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out the DC subway system. Where the heck am I?"

  5. Bob's morning commute had always been a little hairy.

  6. Looks like a baby skunk died trying to read the Metro map.

  7. from ethan: If this is Subway, could i order a little hair?

  8. Meg! I love your blog! So cute and glad I found it!

  9. i never did get that dress i won months ago....