Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The men are so nice! Toolshed Tuesday no more?

Bad quality : (  Top: J.Crew, Pants: H&M, Necklace: Target, Bracelet: Chico's, Shoes: J.Crew

It's only my second day here, and already the men are so much nicer!

Granted, they are old, potbellied, cigar smokers that push grocery carts around.

You get what you can, right?

Today while I was on my way to a dance class, not one, but three classy with a cigar-y men said kind words to me.

Cigar-y uno: (While I'm getting on the metro and he's getting off) "Ya...you sexy.  You sexy alright."


Cigar-y dos: (While I'm walking to the dance class and he's washing his car) "Oh well Hello gorgeous."

I thought, "I don't know why this keeps happening!  I look like a drowned rat right now in my dance clothes and nasty hair."  But I will take gorgeous from the sud soaker anyway.

Cigar-y tres: (out of dance class at Einsteins getting lunch...he taps on my shoulder with his wife next to him) "You are beauuuuutiful."

WELL!  Let me pay you off with this bagel kind sir....

Cigar-y quatro: (Walking back to work and "gangsta" on corner says...) "That's a lovely skirt ma'am."

Dang straight!  Let's go meet the parents right now!

I could get used to the cigars....maybe. 

disclaimer for the worry minded family members:  Obvi Meg wouldn't take these men to see the parents nor would she buy them bagels....this post is all in jest family....


  1. That's it. I'm booking my flight.

  2. Your hair has the DC humidity wave--cute!