Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Obama....get ready!

Obama....are you in there?

Don't worry that my shadow looks like an ape...

Me and my boy Bonaparte...

 The King is watching over us...

Often times, I was alone while my friends worked.  So, I entertained myself at the museums... Don't look behind you.

 Eastern Market...

Me, Jefferson, and my girl, Fatoya.

You may have guessed by now, but Pinker... is moving to Washington D.C.

Just like all the other bloggers in this world....

I may not be as FAMOUS as Rockstar Diaries or Daybook, but I do stake my claims in this world.

Above, are some pics for your viewing pleasure of last October when I visited some friends back in D.C.

I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.

Starting a new chapter in life is kinda FREAKY.

I leave in two weeks.  Yeesh.


  1. I am going to DC this summer and New York... I am super excited.

  2. Megs i'm moving to Philly in August! Its only like 2 1/2 hours... :D

  3. What! What are your plans in DC?

  4. sad you are leaving! But excited for you (:

  5. I know! I have been kinda MIA. So good to hear from ya! It's been hard bloggin without a know how it is. That's exciting news! I'm actually moving soon too in the fall to Alberta Canada. I'm excited and nervous at the same I can def relate. I'm excited to hear about your new adventures. Good luck girl!

  6. You are so lucky!! I LOVE D.C. one of my favorite cities ever. Love that top in the first picture. You always look so great!

  7. Cute shirt!! i love it with the yellow shorts too!