Monday, February 27, 2012

D-moneys day of BIRTH is today

Today is my bestie Danielle's (D-money) birthday.

Remember that one date story I told you about the "Ghost" movie re-enactment?  
That was her.

This girl and I have been friends for almost 6 years now.  

That's the amount of time it takes to have a baby, make the baby walk, potty train the baby, teach it not to steal things at the store, teach it that broccoli isn't actually a vegetable, but rather fun little trees that want to be eaten, and then finally they're off to kindergarten.

That's a lotta time.

We've been through a lot together.

Freshman year and staying up late.  So late that she woke me up at 5 am one night yelling, "Meg I made out with a boy at the bell tower!" (classic makeout spot round these parts)

There's more....

Stupid boys, crying on the bathroom floor, stealing grocery carts at the BYU creamery, dance parties, pretending to be drunk on the street in Park City, playing in my old dress ups, hiking Zions, going on a cruise, doing karaoke on that cruise to the point where everyone thought we were wasted (yes us mormons do have fun times without the whiskey), shopping at thrift stores, music video making, laughing, getting fro-yo to do some more discussing about stupid boys whilst we eat our feelings.

There is so much more, but I'm sure you have a best friend like this that you can just be your whole self around and they'll still love you.

Happy 24th B-day D!

love, me


  1. Wow, I never thought about how long we've all been friends for. That's a looong time. Love u girls! My personal fav pic is of D in your hall freshman year in her t shirt and heels. Love it.

  2. This is super cute. And in the first picture I LOVE the girl's face who is behind and to the left of you two.

  3. very good.every picc. is looking nice.really i like it.
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  4. Thanks for posting the most heinous picture of me on this here dedicatory blog post. I look like a stroke victim trying to pull off the sexy pose. hahah

  5. happy birthday love!

    that was such an amazing message
    described friendship just like would
    imagine :) i had a blast with those pictures lol

    MELINA ♥