Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's lovin' time....cough cough


Shoes: Target, Sock: J.Crew (mens), Riding Pants: J.Crew, Button-Up: Daddy's closet, Jacket: North Face Outlet, Hat: Flowers n' Frills

Happy V-day to ME.....I have the flu.

But is that going to stop me from going and seeing The Vow with not only a box of tissues in hand, but also a rawther LARGE box of chocolates I bought myself at the Rite Aid down the street?

Hecka Hecka NO NO.

I choose a flu frenzy for all my fellow Channing Tatum lovers in the theater over staying in bed with a pounding headache that makes me feel like people are playing darts on my forehead.

In reverence to St. Valentine, here are some more tips to show your lover you love them.  I'll be doin some of em mee-self as well.

1. Create a Romantic Picnic indoors:  Instead of wasting time with reservations and stuffy restaurants full of unwarranted PDA, create a sultry setup right in the comfort of your own home!  I know I'm doing that tonight....can't wait.

2. Make a bubble bath with rose petals and scented candles-  Oo la la....I'll be waiting to do this one until I have a more permanent situation in my life, but for all you other folks....hey hey hey!

3. Use pet names:  Listen.  I know it sounds cheezer but again, girls eat that crap up.  They love being called sweetie.

4. Play with eachothers hair:  Girls love it.  Boys love it.  We all love it.

5. Sing them a cute valentines day love song: I imagine that happening to me, and then I imagine my self swooning.  I've always wanted to swoon.....

Happy V-day you guys.




  1. haha how cute is this post!

    i went to see the vow on monday night
    and i cried like a baby ..

    what did you think of the movie?

    I LOVED IT! he is such a hottie ♥

    MELINA ♥

  2. Girl! Thanks for wearing the hat in one of your posts. You make it look goooooood!

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