Friday, February 10, 2012

How does she know???

Coat, blouse, trousers, necklace, purse: J.Crew (Obsessed?), Shoes: Facade c/o Pamela Metcalf.  

With Valentines Day coming upon us, the LOVE WITCH (me guys) wants to offer some advice for showing how much you love your lover/s....plural if you roll that way I guess.

We'll do my first 5 tips today.

1- Kiss him/her on the forehead.  Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure girls eat that crap up.  Love it.

2- Create a "I love/like you because.... list."  Who doesn't want to know why people think they're so grand?

3- Make heart shaped pancakes or cookies.  Truly.  Pancakes are much more fun to eat when in a darling shape.

4- Excuse eachothers mistakes.  This one has become really important for me recently.  I'm not perfect so why should I expect my lover to be.  Aight?

5- Rub his/her feet.  Seriously....such a charity.  I hate feet, but I would do it if I REALLY loved him.


  1. That second one is so true! Last year for my significant other's birthday, I used a deck of cards to do "52 reasons why I love you" One of my favorite gifts I've made for sure!

  2. love j-crew. this outfit is so cute

  3. haha loving this tips ♥

    specially the foot massage ...
    i need on ASAP

    Melina ♥

  4. I love those giraffe print shoes with the leopard print bag, perfect!
    Modern Modest Beauty