Thursday, February 16, 2012

I miss the Holy times

NBD, it's just an ancient wonder of the world.

I had nuttin to write about today -- or any pictures (but those will come soon).

I often find myself thinking about my past memories whether good or bad.  

They shape who I am because of where I have been, what I have experienced, and who I have met.

My trip to Israel was one of those times, and I look back at it with fondness daily.

In 2008, I spent 8 precious weeks in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.  I got to visit all the places that Jesus Christ also was, and I met some INCREDIBLE people along the way.

What are some experiences in your life that have shaped you?


  1. fun!!! ah I miss Jerusalem, and I miss you!!!!!

  2. I miss Jerusalem all the time. Like every day. It changed my life in a different way that my mission shaped my life. I miss it so much.

  3. I also went to Israel with the BYU program. I was there Jan-April 2008 so I must have just missed you! It is truly an incredible place that has had an incredible profound impact on my life.

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  4. Shane and I serve medical missions in Ecuador and it has really changed our outlook on life. It's amazing to see all those people with practically nothing, but they live so HAPPILY...something that seems to rarely happen here in the good ol USA. It's such a treat to go there and serve the less fortunate.

  5. I miss it. SO MUCH. And i'm soo grateful I got to meet you there :)