Friday, July 6, 2012


Why I decided to make the last two pictures big, I don't know.

Fourth of July was fun, but it was a hot freaking inferno.

I ask myself daily, "why do people live in this place?"

Every time I go outside, it feels like a nasty sumo wrestler just compiled all of his sumo sweat into a bucket, dabbled some hot agave in with it, and then poured it all over my body while laughing at my face.

My clothes do not appreciate.

My next inclination was to throw myself in the ice bath where the food vendors were keeping their drinks.

Too much?  Too much.

On the fourth, I slept til noon, got gussied up in the colors, went to the Washington Mall, ate lots of food, went to an exclusive penthouse rooftop party (aww yeaaah), and watched the fireworks while I listened to the quintessential America song, "The Star Spangled Banner" sung by Whitney Houston. . . or do you think it's "Coming to America" by Neil Diamond?

Either way, I love America.    


  1. those sunglasses are adorable! looks like so much fun :)

  2. I like your festive attire (that "I pledge allegiance" photo...oh so patriotic)! And your sunglasses rock!