Tuesday, July 3, 2012

George would have been proud

 Remember those models that stand like they haven't eaten in days and they are just "so cold?" I was attempting such stance. 

 Entire outfit (except the watch): J.Crew---Does anyone want to submit my pho-tos for a "Who puts food on the table for J.Crew employees the most" competition?

How Patriotic is my outfit? Fa reals GW would be proud.


Tonight I'm going to a NATS game, and it's gone be wild with a wild firework show afterwards.

What is everyone's plan for Independence Day?

Storm Obama's Castle?  Put fireworks on the local neighborhood cat, and set it off running?  Paint a flag on a baby's bottom and wave it around?  

Wow. . . where did I come up with that idea?


  1. i love your face. <3

    and Wed, I'm going to my very first rodeo on a first date.

  2. Meg, did you due your hair? Or have you just been playing in the sun? Either way you are cute, major cute. And then you top it with a bow tie. And that is just adorbs! Ok I've lost myself....George would've so proud, especially since you're on DC. Well played:)