Friday, July 27, 2012

I wish I was British right now

Get ready for the meanest, leanest athletes in all the world to come together to fight for one thing.

A gold paperweight. . . accompanied by bragging rights.  Oh, and thousands of dollars in sponsorships.

Like I said.  I wish I was British so that I could see these divinely endowed talent gods. 

Or I wish I was just one of them.

I always wanted to be tiny and compact like a Shawn Johnson.

I feel like boys like those kinds of girls.

Do they?

Cuz I'm 5'7", and there is no way I could be a gymnast.  Not just because of that, but I have a regular sized back side that just wouldn't do well on beam.

So wait, do boys like little compact Shawn Johnsons?


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