Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boys take note....

I didn't really feel like doing a toolshed story today.  Generally, males have been in my good opinion as of late.  

Today I want to spotlight some male fashion that I love.  The models aren't half bad either.....

photos courtesy of pinterest.com

I seriously digging his leather jacket....I hope he has a motorcycle to go with it.

LOOOOVE boys in Chambray....hot. hot. hot.

This boy is a little skinny for my taste but I would just love to waft my fingers through his silky hair.  His loafers are pretty great, too.

More boys need to layer like this and wear boots like this.  

This old dude has style.  I love it when boys can rock a colored pant.  

This cable sweater is strangely hot on this guy.  I love the pairing of the blazer with it as well.

The hottest shoes known to be on a mans foot.  Yummy.  Find them at To boot New York.  

Now Boys....Get dressin'!