Thursday, December 8, 2011

Top Ten Amazon Toy Giveaway!!!!

photos courtesy of google 

I'm so excited about this giveaway!

My close friends Dad has been nominated for the toy oscars and winning the toy of the year.

If you have heard the Perplexus Toy....this is it.  AND it. is. addicting.  

It is such a fascinating game that involves rolling a tiny marble through several different mazes.  I would know.....I spent hours with it.  

It's challenging, mind stimulating, completely rad, and the perfect Christmas gift.

Did I mention that it is on the top ten Amazon gifts for Christmas?  

Duh.  Of course you want it.  

So this is how you get it:

1.  Follow this Blog via Google Friend Connect.

2.  Go to this link and vote for the perplexus game under the education toy category for the Toy Oscars.  Then, come back to this blog and comment saying that you did, in fact, vote.  

This giveaway will end in 10 plenty of time to enter!

Eezy peezy lemon squeezy.

For more info on the game go to


  1. I voted for PERPLEXUS on TOTY

    Candice Dunn

  2. I follow you on Google Friend Connector.

    Candice Dunn

  3. I made a google friend connect account but how do I follow you on it?

  4. Just voted! My little girl would love this!

  5. I voted because I want to give this to my honey for christmas