Monday, December 5, 2011

Dreary Dating turned Downright Delightful

Dress: Anthropologie, Blouse: J.Crew, Tights: Target, Coat: J.Crew, Shoes: Anthropologie, Necklace: J.Crew

Continuing with the Series of Downright Delightful dating ideas.  (See this post)

Again, it's colder outside than an ice bath after you've pulled your hammy in a strenuous soccer game.

It's not going to get any better least not for five more months.

Therefore, we must embrace this ungodly frigidity. 

If you are in a cold area....or Utah, go to Temple Square!

Temple Square is in downtown Salt Lake City, and every year they have gazillions of Christmas lights and it. is. glorious.

Heres the proof:

Take your man or woman.  

Kiss them under a lit tree.

Warm each other up...

Get hot cocoa.

and then get married.  Ha


  1. Cute outfit miss! I would LOVE to see Temple Square during Christmas time!!

  2. good call-- my roommate just got engaged under one of those lovely trees this weekend!

  3. LOVE this outfit. Makes me want to hop over to Anthro and get the navy one I saw on the sale rack at lunch today... (I only bought a wedding present, you should be shocked and proud.)

  4. This outfit is gorgeous! I love those colors together; so unexpected but so much fun! Pinned!

    North Meets South

  5. cute dress! i love the colors :)