Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guest Posting is Shweet

Today, dear friends, I am guest posting on this lady lad's blog.

I really adore guest posting.  If you go over there, you'll get a chance to read some really weirdy crap about me.  Ya....because I knew that what's you were really wanting right now.  Wink.  

But seriously--bounce over there!

Have a grand day.


  1. hi doll!
    ok so i just found your blog over
    Gentri's guest post
    and i am so glad i did!
    I read every single post you have here and i
    couldn't stop laughing! all the way back to
    September i kept repeating to myself .. i have
    to follow this girl! haha
    you are amazing! i love your style & humor.

    I am your newest follower, Melina :) nice to meet ya!
    I hope you like my blog as well and follow back
    so we can definitely keep in touch!

    also ... i gave your blog to my cousin Karen
    because we work together and she heard me
    laughing the whole time. =D

    Have a great day love!


  2. Found your blog through the wonderful Gentri Lee. I likes. Your take on the single life is refreshing. Good to know I am not alone in my thinking.