Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh my Crud...that was Rad day

my friend Chandler who is in my ward.  He's stylin'

Cape: Anthropologie, Turtleneck: J.Crew, Belt turned bracelet: Thrifted, Pants: Under Armor (haha), Shoes: Target

This story is really great.  And the person that involves this story is really great. 

Finals are stressing me out big time.  As in I just realized that if I don't do well in my Physical Science final, I'm in big doo doo.

Last night I was talking to a friend of mine who knows that I'm stressed and he said, "While you were taking your test tonight, I was going to sneak into your room and clean it for you."

How sweet right?  But at the same time....maybe not so sweet.  How does he even know my room is dirty?

Girls have some unmentionable things on their bedroom floor that really should not be seen by other human beings.



But how great would that have been to have come home to a clean room.  To top it off, it would have been sa-weet to have some fresh baked bread ready as well--with honey butter.  hahahaha


  1. haha! That would be awesome... as long as you'd done a quick clean before. haha! You look gorgeous as always, and Mr. Chandler is VERY stylish!

  2. Cute shoes! Can't wait till we get a target! Hey check out my're on it :)

  3. Now if such a sweet friend would clean my room too! haha... And trust me,,,. It needs it.
    You're darling as always Meg.

  4. your lips, your eyes... I just love it all! Loving your blog and happy I found it :)!

  5. Well good luck! At least you look good.. You are so so pretty!

    found the route