Thursday, January 26, 2012

Campus Stylized -- Ashley Haycock

Meet Ashley and her pretty dress.  I fell in heart with it when I saw it.

I've known Ashley for a while.  She is a beautiful singer and dancer aaaaaaand apparently we both struggled our tushy's through Physical Science last semester.

Worst. Class. Ever.
No I don't want to know why gravitational potential energy turns into kinetic.  But I learned anyway.

So this dress.  I don't where she got it, but I consider it to be a delightful dress that looks equally as delightful on her petite frame.  

Sad News, though.

Campus Stylized might be dwindling.  This semester, I'm spending most of my time teaching at a high school.

I feel like it would be ever so kinky to take pictures of young teens in their clothes....and I mean kinky in like twisted weird way.  NO- not that you way you weirdy.



  1. I love her pretty lace dress and the bow adds a nice little touch (:

  2. Oh my goodness that dress is so so gorgeous! Love those mink shoes as well. So pretty!