Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Toolshed Tuesday--Water Parks


Jeans: J Brand Anthropologie, Shirt: J.Crew, Scarf: Vintage bought at flea market in D.C., Vest: Anthropologie, Purse: F21

One time, I was sitting in the student center at a table eating myself a subway sandwich--which by the way is the ONLY thing I eat at the CougarEat (student food court) because everything else tastes like TURD.

I'm so sick of Subway.  When I get out of here, I shall indulge in, and upgrade to Jimmy Johns.

Ha...Anyway--Subway.  Two boys were sitting next to me.  (Why is that I always am eavesdropping on secret girl talk between two boys?)  One had glasses, the other's pants were tighter than mine.  Good for him?

Skinny jeans tight pants boy:  Tiffany and I went to Seven Peaks last Saturday.

Glasses:  Oh ya.  Did you guys have fun?

Skinny Jeans: Ya, but as soon as I saw her in a swim suit, I wasn't as into it.  

Glasses: Oh dude, that blows.

Perhaps this is the reason I don't go swimming too often.  Besides the fact that my skin color is like unto  Edward Cullen's on a "sparkly" summer day, I don't think I would appreciate a boy with tighter jeans than I judging my appearance in a "costume."   

I'm just sayin'


  1. I love this outfit!! You look great!

  2. Vest? Adorable.
    Emo pants man? Rediculous.

  3. haha why is it that guys are so mean?
    i sometimes too find myself stuck in some
    nasty conversation between my guy friends
    (ya sucks i have more guy friends than girls)
    and you are like WAITTTTTTTTTT HELLOOOO
    I AM STILL HERE YOU KNOW?! nasty nasty

    your outfit is adorable! as always

    Melina ♥

  4. WHAT?! you should have told him he's a jerk!

  5. What a tool indeed!!! LOVE The scarf btw!

  6. You should of asked him if after that he stole those jeans from the girl too

  7. I love you, but TURD is a four letter word.