Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toolshed Tuesday...Dessert parties


Blouse: Banana Republic, Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: J.Crew, Shoes: Dillards, Necklaces: The Loft, Target, Chicos

I will gripe forever about dessert parties in Provo.  I just attended a birthday party accompanied with desserts,  with a good friend of mine--I brought my pink ukulele with me as a safety blanket.

The girls at these parties scare me.  They're bean poles, tan, blonde, and have spider eyes. (That tends to mean that they have loads of makeup on.)

The boys scare me even more.  They have spiky hair and touch EVERY single girl there.  Some even just lean up against the wall waiting for their next touching victim.  That was not meant to sound creepy but rather, accurate.  

As I walked, in I started laughing and turned to my friend and said, "I come to these events for the food."

It's true though, I was literally the only girl at the dessert table, and I ate like four cookies.  I'm working on my social skills whilst I lick frosting off delectable sugar cookies, okay?   aaaand I don't feel like making cookies at my own gosh dang apartment, so I'm just gonna go get some that are free.  

Once I was bored of stuffing my face, I went over to a corner and started playing my ukulele.  

This guy comes over and says to me, "Hey."

  I didn't look up from my ukulele.  I wasn't trying to be rude, I really am just obsessed with my uke.

Guy, "So is that supposed to be like, some toy that reels guys in?  Like a guy magnet?  Like, do you get guys with that thing?  Like, does that actually work?  Like.........

Ya I just play chords in an accurate way that make a perfectly sounding melody that then, translates into a song ...IN A CORNER.....to get guys.  

Have you gone daft?  People go to the library for that!  BA HA HA.

Should I stop going to dessert parties?  Probably.  But I just can't resist the treats.  Truly.

Sorry.  I'll stop posting about dessert parties.  I think this is my third time.

Tomorrow I'll post about Best MOVIE kisses of all time.  Much better topic, I think.  


  1. THE SKIRT!! and you play ukulele? ME TOO!!

  2. This really made my day. My parents went to Hawaii last year and shipped me a ukelele.... it sits on a padded chair in my craft room, lonely and bereft. I feel bad, especially since I am quite musical, but I can't play a thing on it. String instruemnts - not really my thing. I'll stick with my french horn. :)

  3. You look adorable! I love that skirt and necklace! <3

  4. It's a party, you should be eating dessert! haha
    Cute outfit!

    xo Jennifer


  5. hahahaha this cracked me up
    silly boy ... what its on
    that head of yours! NADA

    love that outfit ..you look
    super cute and i love how
    perfect your bun is !

    Melina ♥

  6. I was at that dessert party! It was way too crowded and it smelled like the cologne/perfume section of Macys. It was so crowded I didn't even bother trying to get dessert. I was out of there in five minutes. Bean pole girls and the guys spend more time gettin' ready than the girls do. It is backwards. First and last dessert party I'll ever attend in this town that is for sure.

  7. Oh man. I have some feelings about dessert parties too. No bueno. Of course, now that I'm married, people never invite me to those anyway. What's the point, if the boys can't try to touch me, right? haha. I love your honesty and opinions!

  8. hahahahahahaha!!! Oh my goodness I laughed out loud!! I actually read about this on Aaron's blog (his comment is above) earlier today. So funny that you two were at the same party! Ya, I don't live in provo, I've never lived in provo, and I never plan to live in provo.

  9. You are freaking hilarious! More dessert parties please!
    ~ Selina

  10. Love the asian knot on top of the head!