Monday, January 23, 2012

Growing Up is WEEEEEIRD.

Photos courtesy of Chip and Ale

Blouses, Blazer, Pants, Belt: J.Crew (I work there can you blame me?), Shoes: Nine West C/O Pamela Metcalf, Necklace: Anthropologie, Watch: Gift

What everyone else is wearing: Ya I wrote all that down in the freezing cold outside.

I shouldn't be growing up right now.  Judging by all the pictures, I'm clearly still a child at heart.   

I mean really.  I messed up every single group picture because I'm so bloody awk and outrageously bright.

These dear ladies in the pictures with me, are all the girls I am student teaching with this semester.  We are all Dance Education majors, and each of us is at a public school this semester completing our final semester of COLLEGE as a student teacher.  

Woot Woot and raise the roof.    

Do we all look like were ready to brave the world of promoting abstinence of young teens through the soul wrenching movement of dance?  uh....what?

We do other stuff besides that.


  1. hahahha! I love you in that dancing pictures. haha! a couple of these girls look really familiar. I've probably seen them around the dance world. :) Where did you dance growing up?

  2. do stand out. but in a good way of course ;) That's so cool how you majored in dance. What style of dance do you do?? By the way, I love how you doubled up on the button-ups!

  3. Occasionally my husband glances over my shoulder when I'm reading blogs...this resulted in this comment [your 2nd picture], "The girl with the white tights looks like the annoying facebook girl..."


  4. I've been running into people I met my first year at university and it's hard to believe we're about to graduate. I don't feel like I've grown up, by my age and the calendar beg to differ. Anyway, wow, you guys are a stylish bunch, I'll admit it.

  5. i don't want to grow up either. here's to being a kid for forever!


  6. 1. I love your outfit. 2. I like how you're the odd ball in these pics. 3. Your jumping picture is priceless. 4. growing up is SO weird. sometimes I don't want to, but then I remember that if i ever want to have babies, I can't stay a kid forever :(