Thursday, January 5, 2012

Campus Stylized!!! It's baaaack!

It seem as though this young man has done this before...

 I am really diggin this D.I. bag

I seem to take a lot of pictures of men.  Girl intimidate me some.  It's just like, weird to go up to a girl and be like, "haha (cuz I laugh awkwardly before I talk to them) hi.  You're cute can I take your picture?"

It seems a bit easier with the men folk.  Saying that makes me feel like such a hussy for some reason.

At any rate, BYU is pumping out the Utah STYLE.  Ha


  1. hahaha! That's hilarious. :) But I really love this post. You definitely need to do more of these.

  2. Hahaha the guy in the last picture is one of my good friends.

  3. hey i know those two in the last pic! don't be intimidated by ms. bunney, that sweetie wouldn't hurt a fly.
    miss ya!

  4. i love this post!
    the guys at your school are
    so stylish :)

    the first one i am really digging his outfit!


  5. Aww.. this makes me miss BYU. Such good times.