Monday, June 11, 2012

Balloon Pants

 I was having a grand old time with this more than wet boy.  He came up to me and screamed, "I'm SOOOOO wet!"  and I was like, "Ya you are! . . .  Who are you????"

Blouse: Anthro, Palazzo Pants: Target, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Chicos, Lace Vest: Anthro

Apparently fashion has told me that balloon pants AKA Palazzo pants or Wide Legs or in style.

Naturally, being a pawn on the fashion chess board, I bought some at the Target.

What do we think of them?  Are you a hater or a lover?

I feel like because they are so wide, I look wide.

Be honest with Pinker now . . . 


  1. NOT a fan! Love the outfit from the waist up!

  2. I love these mix of prints! your pants look so comfy! cute :)

    daydream frenzy

  3. no to the balloons, but always yes to you personally. :-)