Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What the SAM HILL!

mens messenger bags

I have always loved the messenger bag.  The first one I got was in Jerusalem.  I saw them all over the city and desperately went looking for the perfect one.  I finally found a shop that made them, and I got to see my perfect little baby of a messenger bag be made and sewn right in front of me.

We've had a good life together.

Father's day is coming up soon, and if you have as stylish of a dad as I do (wink wink), then this would be a great gift for him.

He can put his dirty socks from the gym in there.

He can put his laptop in there that has all his top secret information about being a spy--Jason Bourne style.

He can load it with protein bars. . . if he's into that kinda thing.

Or if your Dad was like my Dad, he'd probably see it and say, "what the sam hill am I going to do with a purse?"

One time, I got my dad a snuggie for christmas and he never used it.  I used it.  

That's how the messenger bag sitch would be.  I'd get it for him and I'd use it. 

Whatever though.  Messenger bags are androgynous.  That's why they're so great.  And that's why Father's day is so great, because it's really about getting your dad a gift that you can use.

Oh dad I bought you this Bvglari necklace because I thought you'd really like it!

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