Friday, June 1, 2012

Someday this will be me...

In D.C. it rains A LOT.  It rains so much here that I got a cold from it.

There something about being next to a hot man in a Newsies outfit in the rain that makes getting a cold all worth it.

But when you are walking in the rain by ya-self drenching wet from bus to bus with no newsie capped man by your side, you kinda just wanna junk punch the next parking meter you see on the road.

I see pictures like this on Pinterest, and I think there is hope in this world for me to have a moment like this.

Isn't it like, such an incredibly hot picture?

Please holler if you have ever done anything like this picture is representing.


  1. I'm from Seattle, and I have done this many times. It is even hotter than the pictures and movies make it seem. Living in Utah will be the death of me. BAH!

  2. We had a nasty thunderstorm the day before my wedding while we were taking pictures....we were forced to kiss in the rain and document it:) Great times