Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Poor Homeless Man. . . kinda

Top: J.Crew, Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: Target, Necklace: Charming Charlies, Shoes: Ross

I'm getting my camera fixed today so the inst-y pictures will be down to a minimum after today.

yay yay yay.

This morning, I was walking to the bus in a mad rush.  (duh.  sleep over getting ready time is a no brainer for me.)

As I approached the bus stop, I saw 3 police cars near by and I thought, "Oh crud. They've found me at my bus stop because of that one ticket that I maybe didn't pay...but I swear I did."

No joke, I thought that.

Turns out there was this nice-ish homeless man who had spent the night at my bus stop.  Ha ha ha ha...

He had made camp with all his ish, and was wearing nothing but a pair of superman underwear.

Whose superman is he?  K just kidding. 

Surrounded by 4 police officers with their massive bad-a belts, he was forced to get up and leave for the sake of all our over enlarged and shocked faces.  

Citizens of Montgomery County, there's nothing see here but a toothless man swaggering around in his  drawers. 

In fact, he kinda looked like this guy.  Wow. What?  That was rude.  He really looked like this guy.

Maybe if he was a hotty with a naughty body I wouldn't have been laughing so hard.


  1. Why do you have the coolest stories??? I need you to come do a guest post on my blog so I can show you and your cool, adventerous life off :)

    So glad DC is going great!

  2. Dearest Meg,
    I am so mad that you moved to washington DC and you didn't even freaking say goodbye! HOW RUDE! haha just kidding. I misssss you. When are you coming back to Utah? I luff you, girlie.

    Sis P