Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Giveaway Number 1: The Banana Republic skirt

Roommate Brooke is wearing: Banana Republic Skirt, F21 Shirt, and J.Crew Belt

So who is ready for the first Giveaway?  

I am.

You could say that this skirt is tha-rifted, and HOW CUTE IS IT?  My roommate Brooke made it look good.  So, why am I giving it away again?

It's the Mother Teresa in me.  

Just Kidding.

So this skirt is a size Medium, with pockets, an elastic band, and Khaki colored.  Code for "it pretty much looks good with EVERYTHING."

So do you want it?

This is how you get it....

To enter you:

1. Follow my blog (on the right hand side of this page you will see a "join this site" with google friend connect.  All you have to do is put in your email.  Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

2.  Leave a comment on this post saying what you would wear this A-dorable skirt with.  International readers are welcome to enter.  Boy readers....maybe not....unless you want it for your girlyfriend or something.  

You will have ONE WEEK to enter this giveaway.  The winner will be announced October 5th.

SIDENOTE:  You can only enter this giveaway once.  Multiple entries will be disqualified.  


if you don't get picked for this one, check out GIVEAWAY 2--the J.Crew skirt. 


  1. I think I would probably wear this with something peachy pink and with gold jewelry.

  2. I would wear it with my floral print shirt, black and gold belt, and nude pumps with the black accent on the toe. I feel like that sounds like a win. Thanks for the giveaways Meg. I am loving pinker on my side :)

  3. Love the Banana Skirt-and thrifting! Great giveaways. I would wear this with...triple layer long beaded/gold necklace, three-quarter sleeve black blazer, black pumps, and a cute colorful t-shirt...coral maybe. But this skirt does look like it would go with everything!

  4. I think I would wear a camel colored tee tucked in, belt and nude heels. Gold jewelry and pink lips! I love how the pockets allow you to dress-down the skirt if need. :)

  5. my camel boots, navy blue cardi and an uber cute belt. give me free clothes please meg!

  6. So i really really really love this skirt. and i'd probably wear it with possibly black or one of my many colored cardigans!

  7. I would wear this skirt all the time because it looks looooooooong enough to wear. Which can be a problem in some cases:) More than likely I'd wear it with a colorful tee, cardigan and wedges. And favorite jewelry since it would look good with everything.

  8. I would wear this skirt with my pink RL shirt that my MIL bought at a thrift store for me and my thrifted Seychelles heels. I hope I get it!

    North Meets South

  9. I would probably wear it with either my black and white stripped 3/4 length sweater, or my blue and white sweater t-shirt! No matter what that is a dang cute skirt! Lots of possibilities!!

  10. MEG! i love you. i was hoping to catch up a little with you at sara's little party, and now you're at Disney! love the blog. so with my new job, I'm standing in front of about 400 people every day, conducting choirs... and every day I have to be dressed up. So far several have asked me where I shop, but I'm running out of dressy outfits, and we're not even half-way through! This skirt is just dressy and professional enough. It has to be worn with a shirt tucked in, and a skinny belt is a must. I have some shiny red heels with express's skinny red belt for fancier occasions; and some days i'd just pretend i were back in paris: black pumps, black belt, black top w/ bangles and knotted necklace. and a belted fall coat cutting just above the skirt. well, that's way too many words, i'm just thinking out loud. mostly, i miss you. <3 (and paris) ha :)

  11. K, I love this skirt! I would prob wear it with stripes like she did. Or florals. Or to bed. It looks comfy enough :)

  12. Id' wear it with a thick black belt around my waist and a ruffley blouse tucked into it :)