Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh my Crud...That was Rad day!

Is this an awkward pose or WHAT???

Yes, I did include a picture of my visiting teacher who just happened to walk past during my photoshoot.

Blouse: Yesstyle, Jacket: Anthropologie, Pink Jeans: Tha-rifted!!!, Shoes: Modcloth, Watch: Betsey Johnson.

Oh my heck.  I got a sweet date story submission.  It's so good it's like chick flick material.

here goes....

So there is this girl... her name is Miley.  She was rushing to turn in an application on time, and when she got to the front desk the boy told her it wasincomplete.  Miley freaked out.  The boy laughed and said he was just kidding, and because Miley thought the boy was cute, she laughed too---even though she really just kind of wanted to punch him in the face because she had worked so hard on her application.

So Miley leaves.

Twenty minutes later, Miley gets a phone call and its from the boy from the front desk where she turned her application in.  Where in the world did he get Miley's number?  I shall tell you....

He said, "I never do this.  EVER.  But I got your number off your application and wanted to know if you wanted to go out this weekend?"

Silence on Miley's end.

He said, "I mean seriously.   I don't want to be a creeper, but I thought you were really cute and it seemed like it would be fun to go out with you."

Miley finally responds and said, "You got my number off my application?  That's brilliant.  I'd love to go out."

They are going out tonight.

Honestly, I loved this story.  I didn't think it was creepy.  I thought it was bold and freaking rad.  I say WAY TO GO boy!  Way to take initiative!  Seriously.


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  1. I love this story and I'm excited for you tonight - I hope it goes well Miley :) Also, I "Liked" tina's etsy blog! Wahoo for creative friends!

  2. haha that's hilarious. Love it. I "liked" her Etsy blog!

  3. Meg! You are too cute my dear!!! Of course I "liked" her Etsy because she is amazing!

  4. This might be my favorite outfit so far. Can I have it?

  5. I love that application boy story! What a cutie. And I "liked" her Etsy shop!

  6. I hope I can have a cool story like that someday! Also, I liked her Etsy shop :)