Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toolshed Tuesday: Child "flirting"


Blouse: Gap, Lace Jacket: Bags that Fit Boutique, Sailor trousies: Modcloth, Shoes: THA-RIFTED!!!, Spectacles: Gap, Earrings:  Heirlooms from the Grammy

I'm walking on campus on my way to class one day.  Minding my own business and eavesdropping on another conversation.  Hey now-- sometimes I get bored with my own life, so I vicariously live through others.  If you don't want me to hear, then don't walk so close to me.  Just sayin. 

But this conversation....


Two girls are walking in front of me when I hear one say, "So, I was talking to Brett last night and he was like, So what are your 'sex'pectations?"

Once I heard this, a bounteous amount of thoughts flooded through my head.
(girl = a millions thoughts a kilo second.) 

1. I had to cough to cover up my laugh, which would have disturbed this girl RIGHT in front of me.

2.  Even from the BACK, this girl looked like a freaking child.  Since when does BYU let children run amuck on campus?  Am I bitter about being a senior?  nooooooooo.

3. WHAT THE WHAT is sexpectations?  I don't want to know.  Inappropriate.

4. Whatever freak-o said this statement to this girl....I want to see his criminal record. 

5. I wonder what the girl said back to him....unfortunately, we parted ways before I could find out.  How funny if she was like, "Well, I need to go through puberty first."  


Although my morning was made, try to come up with something a little better next time for your DTR's.  

Much love.  


  1. Haha. I think you mean "Girl = a million thoughts a millisecond."

  2. love your outfit. love the story. so funny.

  3. Oh dear. I'm glad you didn't hear the rest of their conversation.

    On the bright side, your outfit is amazing! I love the sailor pants with the yellow blouse. So cute!

    North Meets South