Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Demi Moore-en it!

Oh hey my long lost lover....

Sorry Sweeties.  He's MINE!!!!

No fashion pho-tos today.  I know you're totally heartbroken.  My photographer, Laura, suddenly decided to skip town and leave me here all alone in the world.  So dramatic I know.  

I came across the top image today on facebook and almost peed my pants.  I immediately said in my brain, "GEORGE CLOONEY.  He doesn't know it yet, but I'm his one and only.  When we would look into eachother eyes...."  Okay we'll stop there.  I just totally swooned over him in One Fine Day....and I was 8 when it came out.  Ha.  So what if he is old enough to be my dad!  Aren't you guys just drooling like I am over my drop my dead picture of him?  I looked for images on google and every single one I was like, "mmm...I like that one."  Like a kid in a candy shop people....kid in a candy shop.  So, lets discuss the issue of age difference in dating shall we?  I would have no problem dating George Clooney.  He's Old....but he's HOT OLD.  Would I have a problem dating Justin Bieber?  Yes.  But only because his body is underdeveloped--and maybe because my 2 year old niece is also obsessed with him.  So let's say you meet someone who is totally older or younger than you.  Whether it be for men or women,  is it an issue for you?  

Why, or why not?
Obviously, it's not for me.....

Also, Catch me tomorrow as I talk about the fall fashion trends for 2011.  Get your closets ready!


  1. Hmmm. . .nope. George Clooney just doesn't do it for me.

    Age isn't a big deal. Maturity and emotional development are.

  2. Ehh George Clooney isn't really my ray of sunshine, but Johnny Depp now... mmm(: