Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"We all live in a Yellow Submarine"....oh wait, it got subbed.

Top: J.Crew, Pants: Tha-rifted, Shoes: Kohls, Jewelry: Awkward black hair-ties (ignore), Charming Charlies necklace, and belt turned bracelet from J.Crew

I put these pants on this morning and started humming "We all live in a yellow submarine."  I expected my roomie friend to walk in and either beg to stop...or beg for MORE baby.  Neither happened ha.  Perhaps I sang it because I kinda feel like a submarine right now?  Ya....submerged in water.  No.  kinda um....bloated.  Right on.  I freaking love food.  Anyways, I and my non sporty self, (sidenote: Back when Spice Girls were hot to trot, I was NEVER Sporty Spice when me and my girlyfriends would play "Spicegirls.") decided to sign up for Beginning Volleyball.  I thought it was high time that the net and I became friends.  I walked into class with my sub pants and the teacher took one blinding look at my legs and was like, "uhhhhh."  I kindly finished his sentence and said, pointing to my subs, "Oh I can't play in these beauts?"  Tragedy of the day.  I changed.  Out of my subs and into b-ball shorts.  Not so good for impressing the two cute boys in the class.  To further my embarrassment--the ball may or may not have hit my face 5 times in this hour of battle with the net.  Boys like it when girls get hit by the ball right?


  1. So, how do I follow this thing? Its not letting me. Cute outfit! I'm going to copy you on the belt-turned-bracelet.

  2. Cute blog!! I found it from Laura's site. You and your outfits are so cute :)