Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh my Crud....that was rad.  Book her! She is just so lovely to work with.

Shirt: J.Crew (I'm learning that I have a lot from this store....), Scarf: bought out of a retro van at a concert (right?), belt: F21, earrings: heirloom from grandma, pants: Target, shoes: China.

Oh my Crud.  That was rad.  Two phrases I often say when something unexpectedly....RAD happens.  Like I said, there are two sides of the coin to this bloggy blog.  Did you know that boys can actually be really thoughtful sometimes?  Just kidding!  They really have it in them...deep down.  I was having a kinda super bad day two days ago and was telling my friend about it over facebook chat.

Me:  My day has sucked
friend: Do you like balloons?
Me: um.  Always.
Friend:  Are you in bed yet?
Me: No response (I think I was in the kitchen eating my feelings)

twenty minutes later said friend shows up at my door with balloons and flowers!  {CUE GIRL SIGH}  I think I'll keep him as a friend.

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  1. Okay Beautiful--this is your mother! Thank you for posting a positive comment. YOu know that I am full of aphorisms. You grew up with 'em. One of them is "Almost all people operate out of benevolent intent." It's true.