Friday, March 23, 2012

I have stubby nails....

How can I get my nails to look like this?

I always thought woman with long slender nails were so beautiful.  

They remind me of Barbie, or my childhood icon, Carmen San Diego.

I hate my short, stubby nails.  Bah

Any suggestions on how can still achieve these hipster, yet, desirable nail looks?  Pweeze?


  1. awe Meg, you don't need long nails to achieve all the nails you posted especially the last one. I currently have short nails right now and in between nail arts. But I am planning on rocking some cute designs on them. Here is a link of a fellow blogger you might find helpful with your predicament. I hope she helps.



    here is my link to short nails with crackled polish. crackle polish is available almost every where and it's an instant nail without all the tools. ;D

  2. my nails aren't so great either, but i still love to paint them! I love all these looks, I wish I had the patience and the talent to do them!


  3. I think short nails look really chic especially with a good manicure. I tend to have longer nails, but keep mine short. Embrace it girl!