Thursday, March 29, 2012

Im on a kick....and I'm obsessed.

I often find myself getting on kicks and then getting obsessed

One time I was obsessed with buying all the high top shoes I saw.

One time I was obsessed with the song, "My Heart will go On" by Celine and listened to it over and over again til I vomited.  Dang Straight I did.

One time I was obsessed with Josh Hartnett thanks to the movie Pearl Harbor.  Literally, I printed out every picture of him and created a Josh Hartnett mural in my 8th grade locker.  What ever happened to little Joshy?

One time I was obsessed a huge time fantasy of becoming a wedding planner like J.Lo and proceeded to buy every wedding magazine the local grocery store had to offer.  Oh ya....I'm still on that kick.

This time,  but really more for the last 8 months, I have a kick for frozen yogurt.  


It's like it's the answer to all my most recent problems.

Exhibit A:  Oh I feel fat?  Sweet.  I'll just treat myself to some fro-yo piled with cookie dough.


  1. I love Yogurtland! I also love how eating frozen yogurt makes you feel like you are being so much healthier because you are not eating ice cream, haha.

  2. Definitely was madly obsessed with "My Heart Will Go On" and pretty sure I listened to it till I puked too.

  3. I tend to get obsessed with things too. I love frozen yogurt! That is a good obsession :) Have a lovely weekend!

  4. if i could move somewhere just to be closer to yogurtland...i would.

  5. Oh my GOODNESS. Yogurtland is my absolute favorite dessert place! I feel so much better about my self when I eat there as opposed to Marie Calendar or something. Ha ha. And its SOOO scrumptious!!! Their fruity flavors are my FAVE! I'm all about the tart with those juice popper things! MMMM!! Ok, I need me some Yogurtland today.