Monday, March 19, 2012

Soul Sisters

 Me and two of my besties that are on the company with me, Kasey and Elise.

 The Whole gang in our glory
 The Jorgensen sisters strike again...

 My Sista and we look alike?

So this last picure....

I did this specific dance move in one of the pieces I was in for our concert this past weekend.  

I had no idea what I looked like doing it, so I asked my friend Elise to take a picture of it. 

I saw it after she took it and I said, "wait, I seriously look like that?  That looks freaking rad!"

Not trying to be vain, but I didn't know I had it in me!!!

I loved our concert this past weekend.  Dancing is so good for my soul, and all the people on the company are my souls sisters.  

Love you all!

Stay tuned tomorrow.  I have a sweeeeeet giveaway happening.


  1. LOVE that last pic! How awesome that she caught the right moment. :)

  2. That is rad! So cool & I would be impressed w myself too!! I'm hosting a giveaway today on my blog come by if you get the chance!

    xx Kelly

  3. You're right. That picture IS freaking rad. You should hang that in your house. I would be proud! Wish I could have seen the concert! It was nice to quickly meet you the other day. Hope to run into you again!

  4. The pictures is amazing! I miss dancing.

  5. wow! ya got some wicked moves in you! awesome!


  6. Great lip color in these pictures! Would you mind if I ask you what brand and name? :)