Thursday, October 27, 2011

Campus Stylized--Kacey, Peter, and Mysterious Man.

Sorry for the Hiatus everyone.

Today is campus stylized day!

The first two are Kacey and Peter.

How great are Kacey's pattern mixin skills?  Loooooove blue and yellow together with her cute patterned scarf.  

Peter was rockin a hot pea coat and scarf.  He told me he wanted to get into argyle socks and two-toned shoes and I was like, "oh so like hipster?"  (see this post)


The third guy is our mystery man.  I may or may not have looked like a drowned rat on campus yesterday in my sweats, so I was too afraid to ask him for a picture.

What would be the obvious alternative?

Walk behind him with my phone out and snap a picture of him.

Uhhhhh....I've seen a ton of people do that on campus guys.

I did love his leather bag though.  Couldn't help it. 


  1. i love that you stalked that guy! awesome. was he handsome because you probably should try and find him again...

  2. Your mystery man looks a lot like Neil Wallace, brother of Ryan Wallace who I'm pretty sure you know. At least at first look. And he's definitely the kind to go without socks and wear high waters like that.
    (Are those back in? I'm so out of fashion…)

  3. Kacey looks awesome! Darling boots!