Monday, October 17, 2011

Photography Giveaway!

Blouse: J.Crew, Tee: J.Crew, Jacket: J.Crew (wow. I apparently challenge anyone to say they love J.crew more than yours truly.) Cords: Banana Republic, Shoes: Kohls, Jewelry: Vintage and Betsey Johnson, Hair Flower: Chicos

Who said you can't wear bright colors on October 17th?  Orange is for....the jack-o-lanterns?  K not really.  I actually really like orange these days.  

All you doll faces ready for a giveaway?

The true inspiration behind this blog can go to the one and only.....Laura B.

This chickadee is the one who takes all my beautiful photographs and makes me look good.

Sidenote:  True story.  Last night I met someone who said, "I saw you on facebook but I had to keep looking at your pictures because in every one, you look different."

Uh....Thank you?

On that note,  Laura has a true talent of making people look GOOOOOD, and she is giving such a great offer today.

Laura is offering 30% percent off a photoshoot.  Whether its a single photo shoot, family, wedding, engagements, personal fun.  Whatever you want she'll do it.  She rocks.

So how to enter?

1. Become a follower of this blog and leave a comment saying what kind of photo shoot you would do with miss uh-mazing.

2. "Like" her page on facebook--laura b photography

Extra Entries:

--become a follower on her blog and leave a comment on Laura's blog saying what kind of photo shoot you would love.  

This giveaway ends a week from today.  Aaaaand we are always looking to have photos taken right?  So do it now.


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  2. I would LOVE to do a photo shoot with my good lookin hubby :) Most of our formal picture are either engagements or bridals, so some new pictures would be awesome!!

    For some reason it keeps showing up as "unknown" but this is Alissa G.

  3. I would do my Miss Idaho photos! It is time for some good head shots for pageant season. No more of these slightly blurry and not as flattering pictures! A serious pageant girl has a seriously fantastic picture. And I think she is JUST the lady to do it!

  4. I would take family photos for a Christmas card please.