Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toolshed Tuesday-- JDawgs


Dress: Anthropologie, Necklace: Egypt, Shoes: Elle via Kohls

First of all, I'm really sorry if I ever misspell words on my blog.  Cut a girl some slack.  Sometimes I write it so fast during a class that I forget to spell check.  I go to college.  

Now, time for Toolshed.

This story I have been waiting for a while to tell.

I was in line at Jdawgs, an iconic hot dog joint in my town.

I got to hear this beauty of a conversation behind me.....

boy #1: So how are you Brittany doing?

boy #2: Oh she's fine, but I think I like her sister more.

boy #1: oh Ashley?  How come?
boy #2: Well Brittany is great and really nice, but Ashley is just shorter and skinnier
(notice how I enlarged these words)

boy #1: Oh ya. It's true.  That's better.

Coming from a girl who is TALL and CURVY, I wanted to turn around and do a little hair grab on both those guys and then knock their heads together.  (I see it in the movies and it looks fun)

What's so wrong with tall and curvy?  Not to mention, he's gonna go for her sister?  He should get an award.

Where's Brittany?  She and I shall form a Turvy club together.

yes, I just combined tall and curvy together.....


  1. You totally should have bonked their heads. I'm not tall, but I've got curves.

  2. What a jerk! You should have just turned around and said, "Excuuuuuuse me???" And made them feel as stupid as possible.

  3. THAT DRESS! I saw that dress on Anthro and died at it's amazing back. And now I see it on you and want it even more! you look fabulous!

    North Meets South