Monday, November 7, 2011

Aren't these delightful?

Currently I am still on my clothing fast.  It has not been easy but I'm still going strong--it's been rather cathartic. 

It's a fascinating concept really--I get a lot more done when I'm not shopping online.

I did do a little peek today though.....

I've never been a huge jewelry wearer.  I just kind of forget about it.  The only thing I really have going for me in the jewelry department are few rad statement necklaces.

Well....I think they're rad.

I was going through my teeny tiny jewelry box the other day, and realized that I don't have a lot of bracelets.

I have two.

Now, two bracelets is fine, but if I had money tree in my backyard, I would buy mounds of bracelets right now.

Heres a few that I fell in love with online, but will have to wait til I marry Bill Gates son to get them.

Does he even have a son?

What jewelry are you loving these days?

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