Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Toolshed Tuesday--um. Are you checking her out?

Jacket: THA-RIFTED!!! (D.I.), White Blouse: J.Crew, Blue Sailor Shirt: Anthropologie, Khakis: Target, Boots: Anthropologie

I had just gotten out of a relationship so I was pretty umm.....vulnerable?  I hate that word.  
It makes me feel "like a dog walking on its hind legs." (I'll give you a dollar if you can name the movie where that came from.)

Anyway, a boy asked me on a date to a comedy show.  I kind of felt awkward in my own skin because I had been with this other boy for so long, that I didn't know how to act around a new boy....am I the only one who feels this way?

Jumping into dating after a relationship is never really a great idea for me....I do weird crap....like trying to imitate Chewbacca on a date.....I thought guys liked that.  

Back to this date.  

Me =Vulnerable = Awkward = Bad Date.

We are standing in line to get into the show, and he is the type of guy who never makes eye contact with you when he's talking to you....drove me NUTS.  So on top of being awkward, I'm swerving my body around like a female Jack Sparrow with less eyeliner to make eye contact.  

At one point he says, "So what are you majoring in again?" (he had asked me twice before during dinner)  

As he asked this, I managed to actually see what he was looking at.  I turned my head in the direction where his eyes were to see him checking out a big bedonkadonked, blonde haired lady friend who may or may not have looked like Pam Anderson's sister in the 90's.

"What!  My hair isn't big enough for you?"  (Thought I)

I went and bought a bump it the next day.....k I'm totally kidding.  

After that date, I didn't go another date for a while.  I wasn't ready for shifty eyes......NO ONE should be ready for shifty eyes...


  1. Haha...oh Meg. You are halarious! You're such a great story teller. Haha...Chewbacca impressions and "bedonkadonked". I agree...it's no fun when guys don't look you in the eyes, especially when they're checkin out someone else. Hope your future dates are more enjoyable! By the way I love your blazer and bright lispstick!

  2. I've been on the other end of this. I was once on a date with a girl that looked like Charlize Theron. She was ridiculously smart, sophisticated, and sexy.

    I, however, was quite nervous (because I liked her a lot) and had a hard time meeting her eyes, I probably stuttered a lot as well, and drooled. Anyway, she never talked to me again :(

    That's my story. The end.

  3. Oh I remember the awkward dates! Makes for good stories, but no so fun to live through it...
    ps- love your thrifted jacket!!