Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Toolshed Tuesday--now that's just sad.


Blouse: Anthropologie, Jeans: J.Crew, Belt: J.Crew, Shoes: Forever Young Shoes, Necklace: Heirloom from the Grammy, Shades: Uhhhhh....I'm pretty sure they're my friend Danielles haha

Good News.  My photo-taking friend returned yesterday and we took pics.  

I like her.

Toolshed time has approached once again.

I got this story from a reader via email and I just thought it was IRREPLACEABLE.  

I hope she doesn't mind....but I pretty much cut and pasted parts of her email to this post.

Brace yourselves....

'He knows my roommate has a boyfriend, yet he has asked her out on 3 dates.  He follows each NO with "I guess you are closer to your boyfriend than I thought" and when she gives him attitude he follows with phrases like "You better be a good girl or I am going to spank you" or "cut the attitude or I will come pin you down and lick your face."  Oh yeah...and he "owns" his own security system company for which he is the only employee.'

I have a few thoughts.

1.  Security guys scare me.  I imagine a man with bedazzled jeans, a cross on his shirt, and SHLACKED hair.  
I feel that bedazzled jeans are contrary to the laws of nature...particularly on men.  

2.  In regard to the licking comment, I would have said, "Honey, unless your "lick" tastes like Toblerone Swiss Chocolate, go pin yourself.  

3.  Truthfully, I feel that it's little boys like bedazzled spanky boy who leave my faith dwindling in Provo, UT.

What can we learn?

Swiss chocolate rocks, bedazzling should be confined to "Dancing with the Stars," and spanking is a phrase used when putting on nylons.  (if you're a girl, you'll understand what I meant by that.)  

If you have a great story that you would like to be featured on this blog....email me!  It's great fun. 


  1. haha...he sure is persistant! I LOVE toblerone! One of my favs fo sure!

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