Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh my Crud...That was Rad day--Plus my beautiful Photo-taking friend.

The last one is of yours truly....This was from a photo shoot about a month ago and I didn't even know about this pic.  I kinda like the whole "hey my hair, but I'll give you a smile anyways" look. 

Have you ever seen so many pictures in your life?

Oh the exaggeration...

Before I talk about my crud slash rad experience, I wanted to first, showcase my beautiful friend Laura who takes all my beautiful pictures.....and she makes them beautiful because she is so bloody talented.  

Today she is shooting a wedding of the couple in the top two pictures in Salt Lake so we couldn't take pics, but what better time to show her off eh?

She is a multi-talented woman and can shoot so many different kinds of people--familes, engagements, weddings, senior pics, kids, lifestyle, etc

So, if you ever are looking for a spare photographer one day to shoot.....whatever, contact Laura.  Her prices are very reasonable, and she is great to work with.  

Thanks for taking all my pictures, lady friend!
She might kill me for putting this pic up of her.

Now for the Crud slash Rad story (oh my gosh.  I just tried to type the word story 5 times, and each time it came out's Friday.)

If he reads this blog...I will laugh then die.

One time a boy took me on a date for a Friday night (it does happen sometimes)

I sat around waiting for his call, decided to go out to eat with my best friend at CPK, and finally at 8:30 he calls whilst I'm stuffing my face with caramelized onion pizza.  

He says, "Hey I'm taking you to dinner."

The food half masticated in my mouth I say, "Great.  Sounds great.  I'm starving."

He says, "Great. I'll pick you up in 15 minutes."

uhhhhhhh.  Why do boys do that?

He picks me up.  I am, in actuality, stuffed as we drive up to Sundance Ski Resort.

He takes me this nice restaurant where apparently Lindsay Lohan and Wayne Brady had been just a few nights previous.  I was "bummed" to find out that my bum was not touching the same seat that Lindsay Lohan's bum sat in.  Haha

Next Thing I know, everything on the menu is like 30 dollars a plate.  

Um...I'm in college and so are you mister buddy friend.  

I say, "wow.  This is just a really nice place then.  I'll probably just get a salad." (remember how I'm already stuffed on cheese and bread?)

he says, "NO WAY.  This is my favorite place to eat.  You HAVE to get one of the entrees."


I felt so uncomfortable by the situation.  Everything in my date going head was saying, Meg are you crazy?  Don't let this guy spend 30+ dollars on you, its inhumane and plain rude.

  "No, this salad looks real good."
"No, you're getting the entree."
"Alex (named changed), I can't."
"You can."
"I can?"
"You can."
"If Lindsay Lohan did it, then I guess I can do it too."

He got the steak.  I got the salmon.  He insisted on getting dessert?  My thighs and stomach were screaming, and I went into a freaking food coma."

Why I didn't tell him I had already eaten I have no idea.  Maybe its because he was so excited to eat at his favorite restaurant.  In fact, I know he was.  He must have said it was his favorite like 8 times.  

Bless his heart.....Bless mine!  I just about went into cardiac arrest that night.  

Sorry for the long post...but not really.  

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Pee-ess:  How are you responding to the new font?  I have had complaints that the old one is hard to read.  


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