Monday, November 14, 2011

Coach knows how to roll...

Oh Hey Niko friend.  Please disregard the heinous garbage can in the back that actually adds to the artistry to the photo?

Dress turned Skirt (ummm....I hate that its wrinkled) : Diesel, Sweater: J.Crew, Jacket: Wight House, Belt: J.Crew, Tights: Target, Socks: Kohls, Shoes: COACH

So sorry for the late post, I guess Laura ran into some probs sending me the pictures....

Yesterday I ate Sunday Dinner at my Sister Amy's house and when my mom came, I saw her shoes.  

Oh her shoes.....

I exclaimed pure joy for her shoes.

She replied by saying, "You should take these for a day and feature them on your blog.  I saw them at TJMAXX, but didn't get enough guts to buy them.  I called your Aunt Rose and told her about the shoes and that I couldn't stop thinking about them.  She said she knew exactly what shoes I was talking about, and she got them--and then said I owed her the money for them.  (insert Mom's laugh here)  The best part of the story is this:  Your two cousins, your aunt, and I all bought these same shoes without even knowing that we all bought this've gotta put that on your blog."

Gladly Momma, gladly. 

Don't you love that families love the same stuff, and then we proceed to rampage stores with our presence by buying them out of Coach shoes? 

It's what we do best apparently.  Not really, but I must say, I have a fairly stylish family.  

Why not I say?  That's why EVERY woman loves shoes....because they look good on EVERY body type.  

So even when my behind feels larger than an extra large Marie Callendar Banana Cream Pie,  the shoes will not betray me.  

They make us feel pretty, because they are pretty.  


It's Meg Monday (wow that sounds kinda conceited?)  Geez Louise....its more just for fun akay?

Food:  Seriously, some of my favorite things to eat right now are sauteed mushrooms and onions, frozen yogurt, and edamame.  Not together though...that would be interesting.  Edamame fro-yo?

Anthropologie giveaway winner announced tomorrow....last day to enter!


  1. love the socks and the new layout!

  2. I was going to ask if those shoes were new. Haha! They are way cute!

  3. LOVE the shoes.
    LOVE the new layout.
    LOVE you.

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  5. Those shoes are awesome! And super cute blog!!