Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank you SOOO much, Pilgrims.


Clockwise left to right on each row: Our Thanksgiving Table, The parentals before our Turkey Trot, The whole gang before our annual Turkey Trot (yours truly is in the brightest outfit...classic), my niece and nephew, Jacob and Lydia, post Turkey Trot triumphantly raising our sports drinks, kids coloring Thanksgiving placemats, my stylish cheerleader niece, gravy on the kitchen loveseat (story to come later), yours truly, my festive plate, my cute sista, my cute shoes (THANKS Mrs. Metcalf), Representation of everyone after our feast, me with the cute cute scarf my friend Christina made me, my daddy putting up our tree.  

Our Thanksgiving was everything but boring.  Lots of Turkey Trotting, lots of food, and lots of gravy spilled on our kitchen love seat.

My mom was carrying the gravy, and the cord from the crock pot caught on the edge of the loveseat.  Slow-mo, everyone is racing to prevent the gravy from spilling.  Not a chance.  It seems like a pound of gravy spilled everywhere, including all over my moms pants, the walls, and the kitchen love seat.  

My grandpa didn't seem to notice, and instead, was repeatedly saying, "Is there a spoon for this gravy?"

Bless him.

Despite the mess, we managed to say what we were grateful for.  Here are some of the things that were said:

Lydia: "I like Jesus!"
Colin: "I'm grateful for Tables and Chairs."
Ellie: "I love Justin Bieber."

Mom:  "I'm grateful for the Lord...His time, and His way.  The Lord is rarely early, but never late."
Grandpa: "I am convinced we are all very blessed."

I couldn't agree more with my family.  I loved every minute of today, and I hope you did as well.  


  1. Um, hi! I think I'm in love... with your blog... haha! Seriously though- love it! Love your style and I'm super excited to have found it! (Clicked over from Rachel sayumi.)

  2. I especially like what your Grandpa said. Its a good thing to know that your blessed.

  3. Meg! I just love that scarf I am really jealous of it.

  4. MEG! I NEED your shoes! Giraffe print is my FAVORITE!!! Seriously, where did you get them??