Thursday, November 17, 2011

Campus Stylized- Courtney, Zac, and James Bobby.

I have found that nothing is more awkward than me going around campus asking if I can take pictures of strangers. ' I have a fashion blog, and um, you look great.  Can I take your picture for my campus stylized day?...oh and while you're at it, will you do the macarena too?'

Awk. Awk. Awk.

Sometimes people say no, and then I walk away like a shamed puppy with their tail under their bum.

Sometimes people say yes, and then I chase my tail.....uh what?

Fortunately, I had enough people say yes to post some pics today.

First is Courtney.  I love her spicy orange skirt (see this post), mixed with her fun patterned tights.  Perfect for fall.  Seriously.

Second is Zac, who I mainly took a picture of because he's Hil-ar-ious.....and I really liked his sweater. I wish boys appreciated this cut of sweater more.  I think its HAWT.

Third is James Bobby.  I like his ease of style, but it still looks very classic.  I feel like he could be a J.Crew model or something.....and his black school bag really completes me...I mean his outfit. ;)


  1. Haha...I totally know what you mean. I just took a picture of a girl I saw at the mall for the first time and it was SO awkward! And I asked her friend too and she said no. Ha. But hey it's fun and I think a lot of people would be flattered and think it's least I would! That reminds me..I should post it!

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  3. Aww my dear Courtney :) I was on campus last week visiting & looking so stylin... I wish you could have taken a picture of me! hah

  4. That last guy is super good looking (I'm married, so I'm saying that in a not weird way). You should have asked him out!!