Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pinterest Love Affair

If I'm her age and can still do this....I'll be sitting pretty.  Look at her Forearm!  It's bulging. 

Every single woman should have this....except I would prefer a full body one rather than a half.  Probably more expensive I dare say....

My friends always end up with the Cuter ones..... 

Cutest Dog I have ever seen.  Hands down. 

Turd is my new favorite word.  It's so under appreciated.  

If you haven't discovered Pinterest,  you must do so!  You can follow me here.  It is sincerely addictive and ridiculously satisfying to click "Pin It" all the time.  

These are just a few of the funny funnies I have been pinning lately, and by now, you must know that I have kind of a strange quirky personality.

Oh you didn't get that from yesterdays post?  (Chewbacca)   

In about a half hour, I'm leaving for home to have a grand feast tomorrow.  May your day be filled with Tryptophan.....

aaaaaand in case you were wondering what the heck Tryptophan is, check it out here.  

Look for pictures tomorrow of my family feast.  So fun.  

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