Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Campus Stylized--Sara in the Maxi

 This is Sara.  Isn't she gawgeous?

I know that campus stylized is supposed to be on Thursdays but my photo-taking friend, Laura has been quite the student this week and is just reals busy....

So were switching days just for this week.  

I looooove Sara's maxi skirt.  It's even more beautiful in person.  I'm like weirdly into the maxi skirt right now....prolly because the fashion industry told me to be.

I'm such a pawn on the chessboard of fashion. 

aaaand just in case you were dying to know what I did on Halloween.....

I wore a navy juicy suit for my costume (YEP), witnessed all my sisters candy get STOLEN by children (never leave your candy on the front porch).  Imagine me yelling with my fists to tweens, "You better eat all that freaking candy" as they run out of utter fear.  And then we made these cute little pudding R.I.P. thingers.  Pretty clever eh?


  1. Omg I have been loving maxi skirts as well. I just can't find one I desperately need yet! I should steal hers... :)

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